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Splaine Consulting July 2020 Newsletter

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Splaine Consulting July 2020 Newsletter

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Our team’s advocacy work, here & abroad

Are you or a loved one living alone with Alzheimer’s or other dementia? Stay connected with Living Alone and Connected!

Living Alone and Connected! is a new online community made for persons living alone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Living Alone and Connected! is a place where people can come together to share questions, ideas, find curated information to provide support to those living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia who live in a single person household.

Living Alone and Connected! is a facebook group hosted and moderated by Cognitive Solutions LLC. Living Alone and Connected! is supported in part by a cooperative agreement # NV90ALGG0015 from the Administration on Aging (AoA), Administration for Community Living (ACL), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Go to Living Alone and Connected!

Dementia Action Alliance’s acclaimed Words Matter Update.

Words Matter; a call to action to change language surrounding Alzheimer’s and dementia from stigmatizing and derogatory to positive and reassuring, has been updated. The language we use to describe people and their journey with dementia has an impact both on the way persons with dementia are viewed, but also how they feel about living with dementia.
The Words Matter document outlines the effects of this language and the proper terminology that should be used.

View “Words Matter” – the document

University of Massachusetts Boston offers
unique online continuing education opportunity for age care professionals.

This Fall, University of Massachusetts Boston is offering a professional training certificate course that offers age care professionals the opportunity to learn more about dementia challenges, especially in today’s COVID environment. During this weekly course, you will hear from experts about how COVID-19 has changed the dementia care environment, learn the history of dementia policy making both on a national and global level, compare different health and political systems regarding dementia care and policy, and develop your own voice with policy makers. 1 Continuing Education Unit and a certificate of completion are given upon course completion.. The course is graded on a pass/fail basis; no letter grades are
awarded. Mike Splaine and Kate Gordon of Splaine Consulting co-lead this course.

Click Here to View the Course

For your Alzheimer’s/Dementia educational needs…

Mike and Kate are experienced in delivering online education, including webinars, university-level courses, and CEUs. They both strive to deliver upbeat, interactive online content.

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Alzheimer’s Around the World

The latest policy, advocacy & research events and news

Critical updates on progress to World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia.

From Plan to Impact III: Maintaining Dementia as a priority in unprecedented times is a report by Alzheimer’s Disease International that provides a critical update on the progress towards the World Health Organization’s Global action plan on the public health response to dementia from 2017 to 2025. The report focuses on this action plan particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just three years after the adoption of the Global plan, the goal to have widespread national response plans for dementia is not being met. This report draws attention to the challenges faced and opportunities that have been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.The report calls for action from the lessons learned from the outbreak.

View Report

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