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Splaine Consulting October 2019 Newsletter

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Splaine Consulting October 2019 Newsletter

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Our team’s advocacy work, here & abroad

Mike Stresses “Thinking About Thinking” at Nevada Forum

Mike delivered the keynote at Engaging with Aging, Nevada’s Forum on Aging, on the subject of “Why Thinking About Thinking Matters.” Taking place Oct. 2 at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the Nevada forum was the 2019 Conference of the Aging Services Directors Organization and Nevada Senior Services.

In his keynote, Mike stressed the importance of recognizing cognition as an important component of wellness. He advocated for cognition being treated
as a “sixth vital sign”—on par with blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration rate and, when applicable, pain—when individuals are being evaluated in a healthcare setting.

Mike further explained that cognitive evaluation has tremendous value in ensuring that dementia is identified early, given that it will provide the diagnosed individual with earlier access to medication, intervention and education.

Mike to Keynote WV Geriatrics Summit

Mike will be the keynote speaker at the WV Geriatrics Society Annual Geriatrics Summit, Wednesday, Nov. 6, at the University of Charleston, Geary Student Union Building, in Charleston, West Virginia.

The theme of the summit is “Tomorrow and Beyond: Optimizing Geriatric Quality of Life.” Among the program’s objectives is to describe the implementation of a care plan to support individuals with Alzheimer’s disease who are living alone.

This is the 15th annual gathering of the organization, which attracts an
interdisciplinary audience of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and others who are interested in learning more about the care of older adults.

Click on the link below for more information, including a conference schedule and details on how to register.

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Calendar of Events

Listed below are upcoming classes, presentations and speaking engagements for Splaine Consulting. Interested in having Mike or Kate as a speaker or presenter for your next educational event? Contact us today.

Oct. 24-25: National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) 2019 Adult Day Services Conference, Minneapolis Marriott City Center, Minneapolis. On Oct. 24, Mike to present: “ADS Can Increase Research Awareness and Facilitate Research Participation” (part of Poster Session). On Oct. 25, Mike to present: “Evidence-Based Management and Organization Improvement in ADS.” Click here for schedule.

Nov. 4: APHA 2019 Annual Meeting & Expo, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia. Mike to present: “Public Health Leadership for the Rising Impact of Dementia in Indian Country” as part of 3106.0, AIANNH Roundtable. Click here to register.

Nov. 6: WV Geriatrics Society Annual Geriatrics Summit. Mike to provide keynote address. University of Charleston, Geary Student Union Building, in Charleston, West Virginia. Click here to register.

Alzheimer’s Around the World

The latest policy, advocacy & research events and news

Article Highlights Better Care for Caregivers

Care of caregivers is the subject of a recent article by Dr. David P. Hoffman, DPS, in the Ageing Science and Mental Health Studies journal. In the article, entitled “Public Health Responding to the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease,” Dr. Hoffman points to the fact that caregivers for persons with Alzheimer’s and other dementias often end up with health-related problems themselves. “The nature of this role often leads to risky health behaviors, such as sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, social isolation and overuse and abuse of substances,” he writes.

Hoffman suggests ways in which healthcare providers can regularly check in on caregivers to ensure that they are doing well. Among his suggestions, Hoffman urges healthcare provider to regularly question caregivers—formally and informally—to determine their wellbeing; assess caregivers’ management plan for handling the increasing physical aspect of their roles; offer caregivers “plain-language” tips on valuable resources, such as respite services; and discuss ways caregivers might cut day-to-day costs. “These are just a few suggestions,” he notes. “The critical issue today is the need for action …”

Hoffman is an associate professor of Ethics and Health Policy at Maria College in Albany, N.Y. His article, which appeared in the August 2019 journal, can be found at this link.

Major Funding for Alzheimer’s Research

The Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research at the University of
has received a grant expected to total $18.1 million to study the underlying genetic mechanisms that cause the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and Parkinson’s disease and how those mechanisms relate to one another. The grant was awarded by the National Institute of Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health, and will fund four specific projects over the five years.

The Indiana University School of Medicine likewise is expected to receive a total of $36 million in an NIA grant over five years. The money will be used to launch a drug discovery center to accelerate the development of promising treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. The center is in a strategic partnership with the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery. Additionally, the University of Washington in Seattle just received a $50 million gift from Lynn and Mike Garvey, which will eventually become the Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions.

All of these research dollars were announced within days of one another at the end of September/beginning of October. As an article stated in the Oct. 3 issue of Newsweek (“Alzheimer’s Research Receives Major Funding Across the Nation”), it was “a big week” for Alzheimer’s research.

SCRC Presents Spotlight On Caregiving

Southern Caregiver Resource Center, located in San Diego, presents Spotlight on Caregiving: Behind the Curtains of Care on Monday, Nov. 4, at the Cygnet Theatre.

SCRC has partnered with the Playwrights Project to produce a special event premiering two original plays which celebrate family caregivers. Tickets are $25, with all proceeds benefiting family caregivers. Visit the SCRC’s special events page to purchase.

People Power Launches Remote Care Solution

People Power, the world’s leading software company for custom-branded consumer services for senior care, security and energy management, has launched Presence Family Care Pack, a first-of-its kind remote senior care and family connectivity product.

The intelligent solution, backed by world-leading academic research, incorporates People Power’s patent-pending, machine-learning algorithms to continuously learnpatterns of behavior in the home. Using AI-powered fall detection, Presence Family Care also provides critical insights and alerts to monitor seniors around the clock and enhance peace of mind for families and caregivers.

For more information, visit www.peoplepowerco.com.

Move for Minds Features Superstar Lineup

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement has put together a prestigious lineup for the Move for Minds program, Nov. 2 at the Equinox Sports Club in Los Angeles.
The mind-body-and-spirit program will
feature “superstars” from the fields of
wellness, food, beauty, sports, entertainment, meditation, and brain
health—all together in one day. To register, click the button below. Money raised from the event will go toward gender-based Alzheimer’s research.

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