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Thoughtful Hospitalization™

Persons living with dementia frequently have other chronic illnesses—and their problems with thinking can make managing these conditions even more of a challenge. A trip to the hospital-planned or unplanned– with a person who has a memory disorder can be difficult to manage and risky.

Thoughtful Hospitalization™ is a new 90-minute workshop for caregivers of persons with dementia to help you prepare for both unexpected and planned hospital visits-and to prepare for transitions in care. Now available online and in a train the trainer version. Contact msplaine@cogntivesol.com for more details.

Material includes:

Hospital risks for person with AD: What do we know empirically about these risks and how can we reduce them?

Be prepared. Hospitalization happens. How can we be prepared for the trip to the emergency department or an inpatient stay? What information and knowledge about the person needs to follow them into acute care?

Recovery: After an acute stay, what information needs to come back with the patient? How do we prepare ourselves emotionally and otherwise to deal with a less able person coming home?