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Personal Care Crisis summit held in Clark County Nevada

Mike Splaine and Kate Gordon of Splaine Consulting designed and facilitated the Personal Care Crisis summit held last week in Clark County Nevada. Splaine Consulting provided the policy context for the summit and brought together the stakeholders including personal care agency leaders, healthcare workers, county officials and others who are actively seeking solutions to the shortage of personal care aid (PCA) workers and the growing need for PCAs in Clark County.

The crisis in Clark County is also seen nationwide. The summit was collaborative and productive. Action items were identified from more comprehensive training and more funding to more support for PCAs and family caregivers. Follow-up sessions have already been scheduled. All the summit participants expressed a commitment to next steps, bringing about short-term and long-term solutions. A report of specific recommendations for action to Clark County Officials will be issued shortly.

Fox News covered the summit and covered the crisis of senior Nevadans not getting basic care visits due to worker shortages.

[Please click here to read more and watch the video]

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