Splaine Consulting

The story is simple. We are consultants in Alzheimer’s and related dementia, with have broad and deep experience in the community. Two years ago we started focusing on persons with dementia who live alone—estimated to be over 1.2 million people just in the US—by conducting summits around the country and learning as much and as quickly as possible from the persons living alone.


We learned it is not all a tragedy narrative, though there is plenty of crisis and difficulty. Just living in a single person household does not disconnect you from community, managing your own life, having friends, enjoying family, and participating in the economic and social life of the community. We have learned of the assumptions we make about the disability of persons with dementia which at least lessens them and at worst forms a basis for taking away their rights to self-determination.



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*A new online community: Living Alone/and Connected



The intent of this Facebook™ group is to offer an online community for those with dementia who live alone, to provide emotional support, peer guidance and wisdom, and information from verified sources that the group members can rely on in their life planning. Please invite others to join so we can live our best lives. www.livingaloneandconnected.com will bring you to the sign in page. This effort is financed in part by clients of Cognitive Solutions LLC who provide support and local services to persons with dementia living alone.



*APPLAWD—Action planning for Persons Living Alone with Dementia

*Summits/Now available online — available in a virtual meeting format for up to 100 people to participate in your community. Contact msplaine@cognitovesol.com for details